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When I Work vs. Homebase

Which has better employee management software for small businesses?

Guisados Los Angeles, CA
Homebase Customer

“Homebase shines as the best employee scheduling software on the market. It is easy to use for both managers and employees, and it provides both you and your staff the tools you need to easily communicate and keep track of upcoming shifts.”

What Sets Homebase Apart from When I Work

A Free Time Clock to Track Attendance

When I Work claims to be free, but some of the most popular features are not on the free plan. With Homebase, you can turn any device into a sophisticated time clock — for free. You’ll have to pay for attendance and time clock features with When I Work.

Predictable Pricing So There Are No Surprises

Homebase charges by location, not by employee. That way, seasonal or part-time employees never change the cost and your bottom line. You know what you are getting and what price you are paying with Homebase.

Seriously Cheaper

With 30 employees on When I Work, you’ll pay $73 per month for time and attendance, and more if you want to schedule your employees in advance. Homebase offers basic employee scheduling and time tracking for free, with advanced features available for a small monthly fee.

Powerful (Free) Integrations

Homebase integrates with the newest, best-in-class point-of-sale systems, including some that When I Work does not. Homebase also integrates with the most popular payroll providers, also for free. Better integrations means less work, as sales data is imported automatically, and timesheet data can be exported to your payroll provider in just a few clicks.

Free US-based Phone Support

Homebase has US-based phone support at no cost. Customers can speak to a customer success representative in English or in Spanish. When I Work does not offer any phone support.

Feature by Feature Comparison

Employee Scheduling
Time Sheets
Free POS Integrations
Free Payroll Integrations
Free Multiple Location Support
Annual Price


(for 30 employees)


(for 30 employees)

“We switched to Homebase after trying a couple other scheduling and time management apps. The other apps we tried were getting expensive and limiting as we continue to grow.”

Armando De La Torre Jr.

Los Angeles, CA

  • Overall 5
  • Ease of Use 5
  • Customer Service 5

  • Overall 4.5
  • Ease of Use 4.5
  • Customer Service 4.5
Source: Capterra Reviews