Manage employees on the go with a timesheet app

  • Using a simple timesheet app to track employee hours allows you to manage your team no matter where you are 
  • An online timesheet software gives you the full picture of time worked, lunch breaks, and more in real time, right from your mobile app
  • Homebase offers the best timesheet app on our free plan—get started today!
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Use an employee timesheet app to track and edit work hours on the go

Instead of wasting time tracking employee hours, time entries, breaks, and overtime on your own, ditch the pen and paper practice and switch to a free timesheet app. This way you have a 21st century tool that will do the hard work for you. Homebase timesheet templates come equipped with plenty of time tracking features that help you manage your employees, including remote teams. 

Here’s how it works: Your employees use their mobile phones (or tablets and computers) to clock in and out of their shifts. Then, your Homebase timesheet application gets to work tracking employee time for you. 

With your Homebase dashboard you can see hours worked and labor costs in real time. You don’t need an additional hours calculator, because Homebase does that for you. (Although, you can utilize our free time card calculator if you haven’t yet made the switch.)

But that’s not the only thing Homebase keeps track of. Our timesheet calculator app also calculates overtime hours and alerts you if an employee is about to exceed 40 hours for the week. You’ll also be notified if an employee forgets to clock out or misses a break. Then you can make edits as needed, even if you’re out and about or taking your own break.

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Employee timesheet apps free up precious time every payroll period

Let’s be honest—there are only so many hours in the day, and those hours feel even shorter when you’re running a business. Whether you’re running payroll weekly, bi-weekly, or even on a monthly basis, you probably spend too much time calculating hours for every employee to make sure they’re paid properly. 

With a timesheet app, your time devoted to payroll is significantly decreased thanks to the plethora of features that work to make your life easier. Your total hours, overtime, and tips are calculated for you. 

With Homebase, any errors that may have occurred during a certain payroll period are automatically discovered by our high-tech software. This means you don’t have to comb through the weekly employee hours, making sure your numbers are accurate. 

After you’ve made all of the necessary edits, your timesheets sync directly to the most popular payroll providers. Not only will you have peace of mind about the accuracy of your timesheets, but you’ll also likely have hours added back into your day. 

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Decrease your compliance risk fears with a timesheet app

Not only do break and overtime alerts help save you time each payroll period, but they also help keep your business in line with state and federal labor laws, like the New York Spread of Hours law. Homebase alerts work hard to keep you updated on who’s taking their mandated breaks. They also let you know who’s about to hit overtime, so your compliance worries are decreased by quite a bit. 

But wait, there’s more in terms of compliance risk decreases. Those timesheets you use every week are stored in the cloud as stipulated by the FLSA, so you don’t have to worry about printing them out and filing them away in your office. 

Speaking of the FLSA, Homebase pays attention to all of the state and federal labor laws, meaning you don’t have to. You’ll receive emails about any updates in your state that you need to be made aware of. No more combing the internet yourself to find crucial information on legislation and stay compliant! 




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