Online timesheets
Ditch the paperwork and make work easier


  • Homebase’s free online timesheets for employees do the hard work for you by tracking total hours worked 
  • Get a total picture of labor costs and avoid any errors on weekly timesheets and monthly timesheets thanks to automatic alerts
  • Lunch break tracking helps keep you compliant with state and federal labor laws
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What is an online timesheet?

An online timesheet, also known as an online time card, is a 21st century, cloud-based record of each hourly employee’s clock ins and clock outs for every shift. Online timesheets are used to calculate payroll and total wages for each team member every pay period. 

Different types of non-hourly working teams (including student teams and employees) also use a different type of daily timesheets, like projects timesheet templates, for different areas of study, or if they need to keep track of how much time is spent on projects and tasks. 

These types of time tracking tools are useful for determining how much time was spent on a specific area of work, but aren’t necessarily what you’re looking for if you’re a small business owner looking to keep track of hourly employees. 


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Who offers online timesheets free of charge?

Homebase offers its advanced online timesheet software for free to small business owners looking for a high-tech time sheet solution. With Homebase, employees can use the time clock on their own devices or on a community device at your establishment to clock in for each shift. 

The mobile time tracking software then tracks employee time for each pay period. You’ll have the capability to check out your labor costs in real time—and manual time cards can’t do that for you. 

Homebase online timesheets track breaks and overtime risks. Then, Homebase will alert you when an employee is late for a break or about to hit overtime. If an employee forgets to clock in or clock out before or after a shift, you’ll also get an alert. This way you can log into your dashboard and easily make any necessary changes, no matter where you are. 

Quickbooks Online, Intuit Quickbooks (QB) TurboTax, TurboTax Proconnect, and Mint also offer online timesheets, but don’t provide the same types of features. Other than the Quickbooks online timesheet options, you can also use an Excel Timesheet template for your time tracking needs. However,  it also does not provide enough features to make employee management easy.

We suggest getting started with a free trial of Homebase today. After the trial, you can continue using our free version. You can also upgrade to a paid version that unlocks even more features for you and your employees. 

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Why should a business use online timesheets?

Keeping track of time and attendance for all of your team members can be tricky and time consuming if you don’t have an online solution. Most business owners and managers use cloud-based timesheets to track hours worked for each employee. They are essentially spreadsheets, so it makes sense that many businesses use Excel templates. However, using a solution like Homebase adds many features to your “spreadsheet” that Excel does not. 

For example, Using a timesheet template like Homebase that calculates hours means you’ll never have to worry that your team members aren’t taking their required breaks. This makes it easy to comply with state and federal laws. You’ll see who’s missing their breaks, who’s late for their breaks, and who is taking them thanks to alerts sent by your Homebase timesheet app

You’ll also receive other alerts and notifications thanks to your Homebase timesheet. For example, if an employee is late for a shift, Homebase will send you an alert on whatever device you’re using, even if you’re not in the office. If an employee is about to hit overtime based on their scheduled hours, you’ll also be alerted. 

Your employees will even get alerts when their shift is about to start, so you won’t have to worry about team members forgetting to show up for shifts.

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