Break tracking and management
How a time clock with breaks helps you stay compliant

  • Using a time clock with lunch break alerts makes staying compliant easy
  • The Homebase time clock software tracks breaks, including lunch breaks, and break penalties
  • If an employee misses their break, Homebase will send you an alert 
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What is the best time clock calculator with breaks?

An employee time clock should not only calculate total hours worked for each pay period, but it should also make break tracking and management easier for small business owners. The Homebase online time clock is the best at making break tracking as easy as possible. Our free solution calculates employee hours and makes sure everyone is taking the breaks that are required by law. 

Some users have asked why we do not offer biometric time clocks on our platform, and that is simply because they are not legal in every state. Be sure to check your local legislation before opting for one of these solutions.

If Homebase notices that an employee is late for their break, or even about to hit overtime, you’ll receive an alert on your mobile app, tablet, or desktop letting you know. This way your employee time cards are accurate and compliant. Using a traditional punch clock does not give you these types of features. 

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Why should I use a time clock calculator with lunch break tracking?

It’s important that your employees are taking breaks because there are federal, state, and even local laws that require you to give them the time off. By calculating hours and ensuring your team members are taking the right amount of breaks per shift, Homebase makes it easy to comply with the laws you are subject to and ensures that you’re aware of who is taking their breaks and who is not. 

You could use a free time card calculator to manually calculate employee break time and gross pay based on their hourly rates (we even offer one you can use) but timecard calculators don’t alert you about missed breaks or do the hard work for you like Homebase does. 

Homebase comes packed with other alerts you need as well to manage employee hours and scheduling efficiently. If an employee is late for a scheduled shift, you’ll get an alert, no matter where you are. If an employee is about to hit overtime, you’ll also get an alert on whatever device you’re using the app on. This way you can make better scheduling decisions and handle situations such as an employee is late often or works too many hours. 

The Homebase time clock even prevents time theft and buddy punching by providing a unique PIN for each team member and taking a photo of the employee when they clock in.

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Can Homebase help with payroll reports?

Yes! Not only does Homebase track your employee hours and breaks (even for remote employees), but it also helps you save time working on payroll. We integrate with the top payroll providers, including ADP, Quickbooks, Bank of America Merchant Services, and other companies. 

All you have to do is make sure you’ve made all of the edits to the employee timesheets. For example, if an employee forgets to clock in or clock out and you get an alert, you’ll be able to edit the timecard easily from wherever you are. Then, you simply sync your timesheet data directly to whatever payroll provider you use. 

Do you offer paid time off to your employees? Homebase can also help track when employees submit time-off requests for paid leave, making it easier to run payroll each pay period.

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