How do I know when I work?

If you’re working at a business that uses Homebase for shift scheduling, finding out “when I work?” is easy! We’ve got instructions below. If you aren’t using Homebase at your business yet, you should! It’s free, with no restrictions on the number of employees your manager can add or how far in advance they can schedule you and the rest of your team.

The easiest way to find out when I work is in the free Homebase mobile app.

Open the Homebase app, sign in to your account, and right on the dashboard you’ll see your scheduled hours for the week. If there are other messages, like shift trade requests or missed clock outs, you’ll see those too.


employee scheduling mobile app

If you can’t work your scheduled shift, you can message your managers or ask for a shift trade.

In the mobile app, you can also estimate your earnings, request time off, and even send a shout-out at the end of your shift to a coworker that went above and beyond that day.

But let’s say you don’t want to download the mobile app, or you don’t have a compatible smartphone.

How do I find out when I work?

You can, of course, just ask your manager. But if you have access to a desktop computer, you can access your schedule there too, and update your availability, request time off, and pretty much everything else you can do in the mobile app. Before you log out, though, head over to the settings page, then “notifications.” Check the box to receive email notifications when a new schedule is published. From now on, you’ll receive an email when your manager publishes a new schedule, which will include all your shifts (in other words, you won’t need to log in to view your schedule).

And for an even more convenient way to find out “when I work,” if your company is on a paid Homebase plan, you can even get the schedule texted to you! Just make sure your phone number is included on your profile and check the box on the notifications page for SMS alerts. Then gently nudge your manager to sign up for Homebase Essentials if they haven’t already.