How to track Sick Days and No-Shows

Keep track of sick time and No-Shows using Homebase Timesheets! You are able to select a range of options for the “reason” behind the Sick Day or No-Show and even customize your own!

1.) Sign into Homebase at

2.) Select the Timesheets tab in the top navigation bar.

3.) At the top-left of the Timesheets page, select the date range you would like to view/edit.

4.) Select Detailed View under “View By“.

5.) Click to display the employee you would like to view/edit (optional).

5.) Click the timecard in which the employee was sick or a No-Show.

6.) Within the pop-up edit window, select “Mark as No-Show“.

7.) Select a reason (if you choose “Other”, you are able to manually input a customized reason).

8.) Click to “Save Changes“!


** When you export to CSV, a new column is created at the END of the export with reason for No-Show/Sick Day.

** At this time, employees are not able to input reason for No-Show, only managers/admin with ability to view/edit Timesheets.