Timesheet Hours Category Breakdown

Here is a breakdown of hourly columns on Homebase:

  • Scheduled Hours- These hours are tracked and recorded directly from the Schedule once Published.
  • Actual Hours- Actual Hours are the entire shift time the employee was present that day until clock-out including breaks.
  • Total Paid Hours- Total Paid Hours reflect the entire shift time from clock-in until clock-out minus unpaid breaks.
  • Regular Hours- Regular Hours are all of the Total Paid Hours which did not qualify as Estimated Overtime.
  • Est. Overtime– Overtime Hours are recorded based on your current Overtime Settings and may not take into consideration other factors. 
  • Paid Time-Off- PTO reports the amount of Paid Time-Off afforded to the employee on that date. Here is the Support Article.
  • Penalty Hours- In some states if an employee misses their required break then they are granted an extra hour (for example) of paid time. *Please consult your state labor laws for additional information on the specific state requirements. Click here for the Support Article. 
  • Estimated Wages- Estimated Wages is the monetary value owed to the employee based off of Total Paid Hours x Hourly Wage Rate. For salaried employees/managers, their daily earnings will be reflected based off of a 365 day year. This value does not include tips.

How to remove columns on Timesheets:


1.) Log into Homebase at joinhomebase.com

2.) Select Timesheets from the left-hand navigation bar.

3.) At the top right of the Timesheets page, select the column icon.

4.) In the drop-down, select/deselect any category that you do not want displayed on Timesheets.