Time Clock Photo Capture (Shiftpic)

Only on Homebase can you capture a photo of your employees and managers upon clock-in/out on tablets and POS systems with photo feature.


To view these photos, here’s how:

1.) From your computer, sign into http://joinhomebase.com

2.) On your Timesheets page at the top left corner in the date picker, choose the date for which you’d like to view the Time Clock photos. Click Apply.

3.) Choose the name of the employee that you would like to view.

4.) Click the camera icon to the right of the timecard.



How to view ShiftPic on timecard:


How to view GPS location from Mobile GPS Timeclock:



Devices that allow for time clock photo capture:

iPad, Android tablet, and Clover Mini and Mobile.


How to turn photo capture feature OFF:


Open Homebase app and click on profile button on bottom right > Click on app settings > toggle off