Square Payroll and Homebase Integration

From any tier on Homebase, utilize Square Payroll integration for quick and seamless time-tracking and payroll services.


Connecting to Square Payroll:

To learn how to connect your Homebase account with your Square Payroll account, click here or follow these steps:

1.) Log in to Homebase with owner’s credentials at http://app.joinhomebase.com

2.) On the left-hand navigation bar, select the Settings icon.

3.) At the top of the page, select the General tab.

4.) Scroll down to the Payroll subheading and select Square.

5.) Select Yes when asked if you’d like to change your provider.

For multi-location Square merchants, you will be prompted to select the Square location that you would like to sync with Homebase for payroll.



Once the sync is complete, all employees registered within your Square account will be pushed to your Homebase Team page. Similarly, all employees existing on Homebase who are not registered on Square will be pushed to Square Employees.


Running payroll:


When ready to run payroll, there is no need to “Export” timecards from Homebase, timecards (including adjustments) are automatically sent to Square Timesheets in real-time through the integration. Simply navigate to your Square Dashboard and click “Import Timecards” (pictured below) to ensure the sync is up-to-date.



You must have a passcode set up for each employee for the sync to work.

  1. Visit Employees in the Payroll section of your Square Dashboard.
  2. Select the employee that you would like to add to timecards.
  3. Click Generate Passcode.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for all employees that will be using the Homebase time clock.



Q: Are timecards recorded on Homebase automatically sent to Square Timesheets + adjustments or deletions?

A: Yes! All timecards, adjustments, and deletions are automatically transferred from Homebase to Square Timesheets in real-time.


Q: Are timecard adjustments or deletions made from Square Timesheets transferred back to Homebase Timesheets?

A: No, all timecard adjustments or deletions are not transferred to Homebase Timesheets.


Q: Do overtime and break adjustments automatically calculate from Homebase to Square Payroll?

A: Yes, both overtime and paid or unpaid breaks automatically transfer (depending on your settings in Homebase)


Q: Do PTO hours calculate from Homebase to Square Payroll?

A:  Not at this time.


Q: Do multiple wage rates transfer from Homebase to Square Payroll?

A:  Not at this time.