Square and Homebase Integration

Use Homebase for Square time tracking or time clock. The integration allows you to integrate Square sales to Homebase, transfer your employees and locations from Square to Homebase, and send Homebase time cards to Square.

This integration is only available to Square Register customers that are utilizing the Employee Management features. This is not the same as a regular Square account. If you aren’t sure what type of account you have, contact Square for support ( 1-855-700-6000, Monday through Friday, 6 AM to 6 PM PT ).


Benefits of Integrating Square and Homebase

  • Your Square sales data will unlock the powerful labor cost management features and reports within Homebase, giving you greater insights into your business from the web or your mobile phone.
  • Your Square employees can be imported into Homebase — add employees in one place only!
  • Your Homebase timecards will also sync from Homebase to Square automatically when using Square payroll. 


What data syncs?


Homebase will allow owners, managers, and employees to view their sales data (with certain restrictions). This data is updated in near real-time and is accessible from either the web dashboard or the Homebase mobile app

Square sales data in Homebase will report as Net Sales.

If you have multiple stores Homebase will display that data individually.


Locations can be synced from Square to Homebase.

You can manually import locations by visiting the Homebase web dashboard by clicking on Settings > Locations > Import Locations from Square.

If you have existing locations in Homebase, make sure that they have the same name with the exact same spelling as the locations in Square. In Square, the location names are called “Nicknames.” They will then be synced together.


Employees should be entered into Square. Employee names and email address will be transferred into Homebase. You can edit employee information by visiting the Homebase Team page.



Timecards created using the Homebase time-clock will be sync’ed between the two systems.

Timecards will sync immediately after a timecard is opened.

Connecting Your Accounts

The process for integrating Homebase and Square differs depending on whether you already have a Homebase account. Please select from below to read the appropriate guide for you:

Existing Homebase Customers

New Homebase Customers