Simplifying your experience with updated navigation and settings pages

Here at Homebase, we take ease of use very seriously, which means we are always looking for ways to simplify.

Over the last several weeks we have been testing both a refreshed navigation bar and a new Settings page.  A select group saw those changes, and after lots of positive feedback, we are now proud to introduce these changes broadly, to all merchants. We know these types of changes might cause some initial confusion and want to take the time to highlight what is different. Rest assured, all of your favorite features are still here and we believe much easier to find!  Here’s some information about what changed.

New Top Navigation vs Old Side Navigation

Of course, the biggest difference is that there is no longer a navigation bar on the left-hand side.  Everything is at the top. What else is different?

  • Users will now need to set their language from their settings
  • We’ve recovered precious space on the main screen to better utilize on other pages more pressed for space like Timesheets

New Settings vs Old Settings

What is different:

  • Time Clock, Timesheets, Overtime & Breaks have their own defined areas separate from what was previously Time Clock & Timesheets
  • Schedule and Time Off are now separated into their own areas
  • Point-of-Sale Integrations and Payroll Partners are stand-alone sections outside of General
  • Add-Ons is a new section to more accurately describe key features in different paid plans