Shift Notes

On our Essentials plan, you are given the option to add Shift Notes to your Scheduled shifts viewable by your employees. With this feature, let your staff know when they’re expected to come in early, when to expect changes in shift duties, or anything you’d like to notify them about that specific shift!

If you haven’t started using Homebase yet, there’s a lot more beyond shift notes! Over 100,000 businesses use Homebase to save over five hours every week on hiring, scheduling, and time tracking. You can start using Homebase for free and publish your first schedule (with shift notes!) in just a few minutes.

Here’s how to add shift notes:

1.) Log on to Homebase at

2.) Select the Schedule in the left-hand navigation bar.

3.) When you click a shift to create, fill in the Shift Notes section.

4.) Select to “Add to Schedule” to save your note.

5.) When you Publish your Schedule, your employee will see the notes attached to their shift from the Web and within their emailed Schedule.


Employee Schedule Shift Notes


Click here for the full article on how to create your Schedule.

Details of our tiered plans can be found here. If you’d like, you can upgrade here.


Q: Can my employees see these Shift Notes from any platform?

A: YES!  Shift Notes are visible from the Web dashboard OR  mobile app (Android/iOS).