How do I set my Manager notification preferences? (Late & Overtime)

On Homebase, managers and owners can be alerted when their employees are late, are nearing overtime, and when they reach overtime. Here’s how to turn these money-saving features on:

1.) Sign into Homebase at

2.) In the top navigation bar, select the “Settings” tab.

3.) In the taskbar on the left, select the “Time Clock” subcategory.

4.) Under the Manager Alerts subheading, check/uncheck any boxes to edit your Manger Alert notifications.

  1. The first option will notify all managers if an employee has not clocked in to their scheduled shift after X (user determined) number of minutes
  2. The second option will notify all managers if an employee approaches X hours in a week by sending out an alert before an employee hits the overtime mark
  3. The third option will notify all managers when an employee hits the pre-determined overtime hours mark


Delivery of these alerts is determined by the manager’s preferences in My Settings.