Scheduling a Split Shift

Creating a Double/Split shift is just like creating a regular shift.

Here are the steps to create a Double/Split Shift on the Schedule:

1.) Sign into Homebase:

2.) In the top navigation bar, click on the Schedule icon.

3.) On the top-left corner, confirm the date range that you want to view.

4.) Locate the employee name/row on the Schedule.

5.) Hover mouse over the shift block that you want to add a Double/Split shift to.

6.) Click on the plus sign, **+**, in the upper-right corner of that shift to create another shift for that employee.

7.) Select the new shift and enter the new time for that shift.

8.) Select a Role or select the option to Create New Role.

9.) Click the green Save button.

10.) On the top-right corner of the Schedule page, select the green **PUBLISH** button to send the Schedule to your team.