How to remove accidental Unscheduled Shift clock-in

When an employee clocks-in/out for their shift on Homebase, they are given the option to clock-in to their Scheduled Shift time or an Unscheduled Shift (in the event of last-minute changes in the Schedule). Here, learn how to edit the Timesheet entry for a Scheduled employee if Unscheduled Shift is accidentally selected by the employee upon clock-in.

Employee view upon clock-in:


Here are the steps to amend the Timecard:

1.) Sign in to Homebase:

2.) In the top navigation, click on TIMESHEETS.

3.) In the date-range box, select shift date(s).

4.) Click APPLY.

5.) Here, you will see two timecards for the employee within one day. One timecard is the Scheduled Shift and the other is the Unscheduled Shift (in red) that we will want to remove.

6.) Select the timecard that reads “Unscheduled”.

7.) In the pop-up window, select to “Reassign Timecard to Scheduled Shift”.

8.) Save changes!