How does Homebase per location pricing work for my business with employees in the field?

If you are not a business with a physical retail location (like construction or home health) we can still most definitely can work for you! Many merchants with employees in the field use our departments and roles feature to specify which locations their employees should show up at.

The key question is if you want to require that your employees only be allowed to clock-in / out at a specific location.

  • If you are ok with your staff clocking in from their phone and getting their GPS location tagged then you can likely use a single Homebase location.
  • If you want to prevent them from clocking in unless they are at a specific location then you would need to have multiple locations.

Most popular features for merchants with employees in the field:

  • Free mobile app for your employees to easily view their schedule and timesheets.
  • Mobile GPS time clock (Essentials plan) to know exactly where your team clocked-in / out.
  • Shift notes (Essentials plan) to provide instructions for your employees about where to go or specific job instructions.

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