Paid Time Off

Homebase merchants with at least the Plus plan are able to customize their PTO settings and accurately report them on their Timesheets for intuitive payroll and time-tracking.

You can easily record employee Paid Time Off on your Homebase account! To activate this setting, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign into your Homebase account at
  2. Select the Settings page on the top navigation bar
  3. Navigate to the “Time Off” subcategory on the left navigation bar.
  4. Next to “Time Off Categories That Count Towards PTO”, you are able to choose common reasons for PTO (Vacation, Jury Duty, Sick Leave, Personal Medical Emergency, Family Medical Emergency, or Other)
  5. Save Changes!

*The reasons that are specified within your Settings to count towards PTO will automatically be applied to the Timesheet as paid time once the time-off is requested by the employee or manually input by a manger


  1. At the top of the page, select the Schedule tab
  2. When an employee requests time-off they can include the reason for that time-off request. Putting a check mark next to any of the automated time-off reasons (Vacation, Jury Duty, Sick Leave, etc.) will then record those time-off requests as Paid Time Off.
  3. In the example picture above, if an employee were to request a day off because of a paid Vacation, those time-off hours would be recorded under the PTO column on the Timesheets page.
  4. You may need to reveal the PTO column on your Timesheets page if it is not immediately available. To do so, select the drop down menu immediately to the left of the blue Import button as shown below: