Missed Break Penalties


In some states if an employee misses their required break then they are granted an extra hour (for example) of paid time. *Please consult your state labor laws for additional information on the specific state requirements

To activate this function:

  1. Sign into your Homebase account at app.joinhomebase.com
  2. Select the Settings tab in the top navigation bar
  3. On the left, select the Overtime and Breaks section
  4. After setting the required break options, check mark the box for “Automatically apply penalty for a missed break
  5. Set the amount of hours the penalty should add
  6. Select the green Save Changes button to finalize
  7. On the Timesheets page, select the grey drop down menu in the upper right corner
  8. Check mark the box next to “Penalty Hours” to reveal that column, as shown below: