Labor Law Compliance

Homebase can be a huge help in ensuring that your business is compliant with the labor laws in your state. When you set up an account, Homebase will automatically suggest your break and overtime rules based on your state laws.


Homebase Tier
        Paid and unpaid break tracking Basic (Free)
        Prevent early break clock-in Plus
        Convert time over paid break to unpaid Plus
        Apply penalty for missed breaks Plus
        Over 8 hours Basic (Free)
        Over 40 hours Basic (Free)
        7 days in a row (California) Basic (Free)
       Tracking across multiple locations Basic (Free)
Double Time
       Over 12 hours  Basic (Free)
       7 days in a row + over 8 hours (California)  Basic (Free)


*Homebase does not make labor suggestions based on city regulations at this time.

*Homebase does not keep digital copies of employee waiver forms on file at this time.