How does Homebase allocate tips to employees?



Cash tips are declared by the employees upon clocking out of their Homebase shift (assuming that option is turned on in the Settings page). They will not be required to declare cash tips, but any that are declared will be viewable on the Timesheets page for that specific employee and date.

Server Banking (only via Clover POS) allows your employees who hold onto cash throughout the day (such as servers) the ability to see a calculation on their shift report that lets them know how much they have to reconcile with the house at the end of their shift.

This calculation shows their Cash Sales minus(-) Credit Card Tips rung up by the employee on the Clover station.  *this does not include any calculations relating to cash tips.

CREDIT TIPS (only via Clover POS):

If you are connected with Clover POS, we pull credit card tip information directly from the POS. Credit tips are allocated to whichever employee is clocked in on Homebase and “rings up” that order under their PIN number on the POS. These tips are recorded within Timesheets on Homebase.

*At this time no other POS partner provides this capability.