How do I trade a shift with a co-worker?

Here is how to request a shift-trade within Homebase:

Web application:

Shift Trade gif

1. Sign in to Homebase:

2. In the left navigation, click on Dashboard.

3. In the top, right corner, select the week for the shift trade.

4. In the main window, locate the shift you would like to trade.

5. Place a check mark next to the co-worker(s) name you would like to request a shift trade.

6. You can click the Add Message button to add an optional message.

7. Click the Trade Shift button.

8. Click Initiate Trade.


Mobile apps:

Shift Trade > Mobile2

Here’s how to trade a shift on your Homebase mobile app for iPhone/Android:

1.) Log in to the Homebase app with your email and password.

2.) Click the Schedule icon on your screen.

3.) Toggle the date picker to choose which week you would like to trade a shift in.

4.) Select the shift you would like to trade.

5.) Select Trade Shift.

5.) Choose the shift/teammate you would like to trade your shift with.

6.) Select Submit.


Q: Can an employee trade a shift across locations?

A: No, employees can only trade shifts at the location at which the shift was published to the Schedule.

Please Note:

  • Shift trade requests are pending your co-worker’s acceptance and a manager’s approval.
  • You will receive an email notification if a manager approves or declines a time-off, shift trade, or coverage request.
  • You can also check your web and app dashboards for the status of time-off, shift trade, and coverage requests.