How do I run payroll?

With Homebase, save time and money by processing payroll quickly and easily. From our powerful Timesheets page, you are able to track clock-ins/outs and export to an Excel/CSV file or directly to your integrated payroll partner!

1.) Sign in to your Homebase account at

2.) In the top navigation bar, select Timesheets

3.) Set the date range in the upper left to the desired beginning and ending dates for your payroll period and click Apply.

4.) Check your Timesheets to ensure that they are ready for payroll.

5.) On the right side, select the Export button

6.) You can choose between two different export methods:

By Type – The information will be sorted by the various roles that have been assigned to employee shifts

Detail – Each employee has a day-by-day breakdown of their hours worked and their clock in/out times

7.) Select Export Timesheets.

8.) Your spreadsheet will download to your computer in .csv format which can be opened by programs such as Microsoft Excel or other payroll spreadsheet programs OR you will need to follow the steps outlined by the integration articles here for your payroll provider.