How do I let my manager know my availability?

Here is how to set your weekly availability:

Web application:


1. Sign in to Homebase:

2. In the top purple navigation bar, click on Schedule.

3. In the top navigation underneath the purple bar, click on My Availability.

4. Click on the blue New button located in the top right corner

5. Choose the date that you would like the availability start and  click the Green Create button

6. Choose the day that you would like and click  Add Availability

6. Click on Preferred or Unavailable. (Unavailable is suggested if you know for sure that you cannot work on that day which will show on the schedule)

7. Enter your available or unavailable time(s) or select Whole Day.

8. Click the green Add Availability button to save.

Repeat steps 4 through 8 for remaining day(s) of the week.

Be sure to set your availability or unavailability for all the days / times the business is open.

9. In the upper, right corner, click on the green Notify Manager button to email your availability to your manager and add a note (optional).


Mobile apps:

You can also submit your availability from your Homebase mobile app for iPhone or Android.

1.) Download the Homebase mobile app to your phone > Sign in with your email and password or phone number.

2.) Select the menu icon at the top left (three horizontal lines).

3.) Click “Requests” > click “Availability“.

4.) On your Availability page, select the blue “plus sign” on Android or the “Request New Availability” button on iPhone to add an Unavailable or Preferred time period.

5.) Click “Add” to save the entry.

6.) Submit your availability at the bottom to send to Manager.