How do I edit employees’ break time?

If you ever have an employee that forgets to clock in/out for break, here are the steps on how to edit/add a break time.


  1. Sign in to your Homebase account at
  2. Select TIMESHEETS from the left side navigation bar
  3. At the top of the page, select the VIEW BY dropdown menu
  5. Select the DISPLAY dropdown menu
  6. Select the employee you wish to view
  7. Set the date range on the left to include the date(s) you wish to edit
  8. Select APPLY
  9. Find the date you wish to edit in the information displayed and select the row
  10. Select the BREAK TYPE dropdown menu
  11. Select the type of break to enter
  12. Selecting either the BREAK START TIME or BREAK END TIME fields will allow you to edit the time
  13. Use the up or down arrows in blue to cycle through the time, or select the numbers in the middle to quickly select a time
  14. Select either AM or PM
  15. Once you have finished editing the times, select the green SAVE button on the right