How do I edit an employee’s contact info, wage rate or other information?

1.) Sign in to Homebase:

2.) In the top purple navigation bar, click on Team.

3.) Select the employee’s name you would like to edit.

4.) Here is what info you are able to view/edit:

Personal info: Select the pencil icon next to the employee’s name in order to edit their name, email, phone, certification, and/or birthday. Below the personal info section, you are also able to view/edit Emergency Contact info.

Scheduling Rules: This tab is necessary for Plus merchants utilizing the Auto-Scheduling feature! In this section you are able to add the maximum number of hours the employee can work per week, their seniority, and their roles.

Location(s) permissions: Here, you are able to add/remove employees from certain locations, edit their employee/manager Permission Level, edit their PIN for the Timeclock, add payroll ID, and edit hire date. Similarly, you are able to allow/disallow the employee to be shown on the Schedule, exclude/include from location alerts, and eligibility for requesting to take Open Shifts on the Schedule. 

Wages/Roles: On this tab, you can edit/view employee wage rate, assign new ones, and see a history of changes made to the rate.

Notes: Add additional employee information filtered by location here. To learn more on how to use it, click here.

5.) Click the green Save button to finalize after any edits made.


To Terminate an Employee: Click the Information Tab and scroll to the bottom of the page below Certifications, where you’ll find the option to Terminate on the left. Fill out the relevant termination details and when finished click “Terminate Employee.”


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