Homebase Reporting

Homebase offers a wide variety of reporting for merchants ranging from our Basic (Free) plan to our Plus plan. Access these Reports from the web for any and all of your locations using Homebase.

Here is how to access Homebase Reporting:

1.) Log in to Homebase with owner or manager credentials at http://app.joinhomebase.com

2.) On the top navigation bar, select the Reports tab.

3.) On the left side, you are able to choose which Report you would like to view.

Basic Reports (Free):

  • Reports Overview- Scheduled vs Actual over time, Estimated Wages, Comparison of Hours over a specific time frame, and Wages as Percent of Sales at a glance.
  • Scheduled vs Actual Hours- A chart of weekly or monthly Scheduled hours vs Actual hours.
  • Shift Feedback- Employee shift feedback is recorded here. Click here for support article.
  • Sales Summary- A charted weekly break-down of Sales vs Labor.

Basic + Essentials Reports:

  • On-Time Arrival- Employee Timesheet based on-time arrival reporting with customizable reporting dates.

Basic + Essentials + Plus Reports:

  • Scheduled vs Actual Hours variance – Scheduled hours vs Actual hour difference
  • Hourly Labor Costs- Charted Hourly Sales vs Scheduled Labor vs Est. Paid Labor on a daily basis. 
  • Labor by Type- Labor cost by Role color coded and ready at a weekly glance.
  • Labor Cost Summary- Sales vs Labor breakdown by hour and by day for a week.
  • Departments- Weekly Sales, Shifts, Labor Expense, and Labor as Percent of Sales by Department.

For more info on our tiered pricing system, click here.

If you would like to upgrade your plan, click here for our Billing page.