Gusto and Homebase Integration

Homebase integrates with Gusto to allow seamless export of Timesheets to run payroll. Automatically push labor hours tracked through Homebase Timesheets to your Gusto account with the click of a button. This integration works with any version of Homebase(Basic, Essentials, Plus, Enterprise)!

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Benefits of Integrating Gusto and Homebase:

  • Automatic sync of Regular hours, Overtime, Double overtime, and PTO hours through Homebase.
  • Advanced labor cost management features and reports within Homebase, giving you greater insights into your business from the web or your mobile phone.
  • Your Gusto employees can be imported into Homebase.

What data syncs?

Time Cards:

Regular hours, Overtime, Double overtime, Multiple Wage Rate hours, and PTO hours are able to be exported from Homebase to Gusto for payroll. Break Penalties and Holiday Pay hours will not be recognized by Gusto.


Employees should be added to Gusto first and then imported into Homebase.

1.) Add employees in Gusto

2.) Log in to Homebase

3.) Click Team tab on the left

4.) “Add Employee” at the top right


In the event that your employee list already exists in Homebase, having the correct employee information is critical to avoiding duplication. When the “Import from Gusto” option is chosen in Homebase Team page, we filter your Gusto employees from your existing Homebase employees to avoid creating duplicate users. Homebase attempts to recognize the employee with the following credentials in order: payroll id, email, name. You can edit employee information in Homebase by visiting the Homebase Team page.

Homebase does not import inactive employees from Gusto.

You can edit employee information in Homebase by visiting the Homebase Team page.

Employees newly synced to Homebase with emails will automatically get an invitation to join Homebase.

How to connect your accounts:

1.) Log in to Homebase at

2.) In the navigation bar, select Settings.

3.) At the left, select Payroll Providers

4.) Under the payroll providers subheading, select Gusto.

5.) You will be redirected to your Gusto account to finish set-up.

How to export Homebase Timesheets to Gusto Payroll:

1.) Sign in to your Homebase account at

2.) On the navigation bar, select TIMESHEETS

3.) Set the date range in the upper left to the desired beginning and ending dates for the information you would like to see

4.) Select APPLY.

When you export a time period on Homebase shorter than or overlapping your selected payroll period in Gusto, your entire payroll period will be exported as Gusto requires the entire payroll period.

5.) On the right side, select the blue EXPORT button

6.) When given the option where to export your Timesheets, select Gusto.

7.) Your Timesheets will now appear within your Gusto account in the “Run Payroll” tab in the left-hand navigation of your Gusto account here:



Click here for the full article on how to run payroll on Homebase.



Q: What if I’ve already exported my Timesheets from Homebase to Gusto but need to export an amendment?

A: You can export as many times as you want – each export overrides the last one, so if you make a mistake or add a Timecard late, you can export again.


Q: Why didn’t my employees export to Gusto?

A: One reason would be if you already had a payroll ID set from another provider which would need to be removed prior to linking from Homebase > Team > Click employee name > Remove payroll ID > Save. 


Q: Does Homebase support exporting contractors hours?

A: Not at this time


Q: Can timesheet hours be exported to Gusto event if some employees in Homebase do not have any hours?

A: Yes! Our export will simply skip over these employees.