Where can I find a free timesheet template?

You can find a free timesheet template easily, but you’ll save much more time and money if you ditch the templates altogether.

There’s an even easier way to set up your timesheets that’s also free: Homebase.

With Homebase, you won’t need to fuss with a timesheet template ever again. Homebase makes it easy and quick to plan employee schedules. It’ll save you hours every week.

Homebase does so much more than a free timesheet template, too. With Homebase’s free timesheets, you’ll be able to update your timesheets from anywhere, track breaks and tips, and export to payroll. You can also more easily monitor compliance with laws that could reduce your legal risk.

Homebase also automatically detects any errors in your timesheet and calculates hours and overtime.

Still want a plain old free timesheet template?

If you’re not convinced, lots of free timesheet templates are designed for Microsoft Excel, but you could find others for Google Sheets, OpenOffice, and most other spreadsheet programs. All it takes is a quick search online.

The problem with timesheet templates in spreadsheets is that, even after you have the template, there’s still a lot of manual work to be done. You’ll need to calculate breaks and overtime, reconcile the data with your payroll provider, make sure breaks are accounted for, track tips, and more.

It can take hours every week to manage spreadsheet timesheets. Hours you could be spending growing your business. Why waste the time? Use Homebase’s free timesheets instead!