Why employee(s) will not import

On Homebase, if your employee(s) are not importing when prompted, there are a few different reasons that this would occur.

1.) Employee PIN is taken by an archived employee. You can quickly and easily change the PIN of the archived employee in order to import your new hire.

Here are the steps to “free up” an archived employee’s PIN.

1) Sign in to Homebase:

2) In the left navigation, click on TEAM.

3) At the top of the page, place a check-mark next to SHOW REMOVED EMPLOYEES.

4) Click on employee name.

5) In the window, edit the “PIN for Homebase Timeclock” and input another unique PIN as a place-holder.

6) Click green SAVE CHANGES button.

7.) Try once more to import your new employee.



2.) If once you free up the taken PIN your new employee will not import, please contact us at (415) 951-3830.


**If your Team page looks different that the one above and you need assistance importing an employee, please contact our support team at (415) 951-3830.