How can I see my hours?

View Hours Worked from Employee Timesheets

Homebase is a free way for employees and managers to track their hours worked. You can track the hours you’ve already worked by looking at your timesheet. If you want to see how many hours you’re going to work in the future, you can view your shift schedule. Sign up for free to start tracking your hours worked.

On Homebase, keeping up with your hours worked is fast, easy, and accessible anywhere you go. Stay in the loop by accessing Homebase at on your laptop and downloading the Homebase mobile app for iPhone or Android, totally for free.

Mobile apps:

From the Homebase mobile app, employees can view their own weekly Schedule as well as their Timecards made within any date range of their choosing. Here’s how:

1.) Download the Homebase mobile app for iPhone or Android.

2.) Sign in with your email and password.

3.) Click the Schedule icon in the task bar.

4.) *Optional* You can edit the date range by sliding the date bar left or right.

5.) Here, you are able to view exact clock-in/outs made within the date range of your choosing, a week at a time.

6) Select the shift you want to view to see the actual clock in and out times:



Similarly, you are able to view in-depth Daily and Weekly report information on the Homebase mobile app. Here’s how:

1.) Download the Homebase mobile app for iPhone or Android.

2.) Sign in with your email and password.

3.) Select the Store icon on the navigation bar

4.) (If multiple locations, scroll down and select the location desired)

5.) Now visible to you are Total Sales (If connected to POS), Estimated Labor, the day’s Scheduled Employees, and sales and labor by hour (Plus level)



Web application:

Employee Timesheets

Individuals can view their employee timesheets page that records their daily clock in and out times. They can view the overall hours over a date range or specific clock in and out details for each day.

  1. The employee should sign into their Homebase account at from a laptop or computer using either Chrome, Firefox, or Safari web browsers
  2. Once signed in, select the TIMESHEETS page on the left side navigation bar
  3. In the upper left, set the date range for the information to view
  4. Select APPLY
  5. At the top of the page, select the View By drop down box and select Detailed View
  6. You can now view each day over the specified date range for the clock in and out times


* Estimated wages are only shown mult. by hours when a wage rate is input within Homebase for an employee.

*Estimated wages are before tax.