Employee Shift Feedback

Available to all merchants at any tier, allow for more detailed employee and supervisor communication all in one place with Shift Feedback on Homebase. Understand how your staff is feeling and resolve issues before they become a problem.

To enable Shift Feedback on Homebase, first sign into your Homebae account online at app.joinhomebase.com.

  1. Select the Settings page on the navigation bar
  2. Select the Time Clock option on the left side
  3. Select the option to enable shift feedback
  4. Select SAVE to finalize

Upon clock-out, employees are given the option to provide feedback or comments from their shift and rate it 1-5 stars.

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** Also, available for employees to enter from their mobile device for any completed shifts (must have a clock-in and clock-out)


This information is recorded under the Reports tab on Homebase for those with Manager access and permission to view Reports. All Feedback is printable and available to be exported into an Excel/CSV file on your computer.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 2.35.40 PM

** Q: How do I delete employee feedback? A: By deleting and reentering the Time Card in which the feedback was made, employee feedback is permanently deleted.