What is Employee Scheduling Software?

Employee scheduling software saves you time and money, and if you pick the right one, it can make your employees happier too.

In general, “employee scheduling software” refers to a set of tools to automate the process of scheduling employees. Usually hourly employees, where you have to create a new schedule weekly. This is common in retail stores, restaurants, quick service cafes, salons, and anywhere where employees have flexible work schedules. For the most part, traditional “9-5” employees at a desk at a set time each day don’t use it. (They may, however, use time-tracking software, especially if they work in an environment with end clients where they need to track how they spent their time that week.)

Employee Scheduling Software Saves You Time

You’ll save time every week by using employee scheduling software. Where creating a schedule could take hours on paper, and maybe slightly less time using a spreadsheet template, using free employee scheduling software like Homebase can cut that down to just a few minutes.

With Homebase, you’ll be able to involve your employees directly in the scheduling process. No more back and forth. Your workers will be able to set up their own availability calendars. You’ll be able to see at a glance that you’ve got everyone scheduled, and that everyone has the right number of hours. You won’t need to worry about unintended overtime scheduling.

Employee Scheduling Software Saves You Money

You’ll be able to use the time you saved with an online employee scheduling tool like Homebase growing your business, instead of dealing with scheduling headaches.

If you’re already using other employee scheduling software, chances are you’ll save money by switching to Homebase too. Most services competing services cost hundreds of dollars per year. Homebase offers more functionality for free.

Employee Scheduling Software that Delights Your Employees

Most importantly, Homebase is completely free for your employees, which isn’t true for some other employee scheduling software options. Some charge $3 or more for each of your employees to download their app and manage their schedules.

But beyond the price, your employees will love Homebase because it enables even more schedule flexibility without you acting in-between. They can even clock-in for their shifts from their phones! Once they’re on-site, of course.

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