Employee Performance Widget

Widgets on employee profiles give owners and managers access they need to information about their employees at a glance. Based off of employee time-clock usage, Homebase offers administrator access to Total Shifts Worked, Late for Shifts, Missed Clock-outs, No Shows, Avg. Hours Per Week, Experience by Role, and On-time count for shifts.

Owners will be able to see all employees stats across locations on their Team page.

Managers will be able to see employee stats only for the locations in which they are assigned to within Homebase. 

Employees will be able to see stats for all locations where they have jobs including those where they have been terminated.


Employee Profile > Attendance


  • All scheduled shifts clocked into on time will be recorded and shown as a percentage.


Total shifts worked:

  • The number of completed clock-ins and outs user has across all locations in which they’re employed.


Late for shift:

  • The number of timecards that are at least x minutes after shift start time.
    • Defaulted to 5 minutes after shift start or based off of your late preferences in your Settings page under the Early & Late subheading. 


Missed clock-outs:

  • Timecards that are still open (no clock-out time) and at least 1 day old.


No shows:

  • Published scheduled shifts without a timecard that are at least 1 day old.


Average hours per week:

Employee Profile > Hours Per Week
  • An average of all hours worked since using Homebase Timeclock divided by number of weeks since first clock-in recorded on Homebase Timesheets.


Experience by role:

  • Up to three roles assigned and worked by the employee are calculated and shown side-by-side using hour count and distinguishable colored bar lines.
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**All employee stats are calculated once per day. Stats refresh around 3am PST every morning.