What happens if I disconnect my POS?

You have the option to “disconnect” your POS integration on Homebase if you have recently switched over to a point-of-sale system not listed on our POS integration list here, you have discontinued service with your provider, or you no longer wish to track sales on Homebase through your POS.

The features impacted by a switch to “Other”, or non-integrated, POS are as follow:

  • Sales numbers will no longer be tracked within Homebase.
  • Certain Reports will no longer be applicable such as Sales Summary, Labor Costs as Percent of Sales, and Sales vs Labor Break-down.
  • Employee tips from their shifts will no longer be automatically recorded, rather, they can be manually entered in the Timesheets page.

Most Homebase features can still be used and include the following:

  • Easily create and send out team Schedules
  • Track time and manage payroll on the web or via our Android or iOS Time Clock app
  • Manage and communicate with your team, track their time-off and availabilities
  • Utilize our free mobile apps on iOS and Android

Here is how to disconnect your POS:

1.) Log in with owner credentials at http://app.joinhomebase.com

2.) In the left-hand navigation bar, select the Settings icon.

3.) Select the General tab in the top navigation bar.

4.) Here, you are able to select “Other” as your POS option.

5.) When prompted, confirm the change by choosing “Yes“.

Settings > POS change Other


Here are a few articles on ways employees can clock-in/out without a POS:


Mobile app Timeclockhttps://joinhomebase.com/support/can-employees-clock-in-remotely-from-the-iphone-or-android-mobile-apps/

Web Timeclockhttps://joinhomebase.com/support/how-to-clock-in-from-the-web/


Q: Can I input my sales numbers into Homebase manually?

A: Yes! On any Homebase plan, you are able to input your company sales manually via CSV upload. Click here for the article! 

Similarly, if you have the PLUS version of Homebase you can manually enter sales for the current and future weeks to help forecast your budget. Click here for the article! 


Q: Does Homebase have any plans to integrate with my POS systems although it’s not on the list?

A: For questions regarding integrations, send us a chat or give us a call at (415) 951-3830