Department Scheduling

Homebase offers employee scheduling — along with time tracking and team communication tools — for businesses of all sizes. With Homebase, you can schedule by department, location, and much more. Learn more about Homebase employee scheduling.

With Homebase Plus plan, Schedule your employees using the Department Scheduling feature. Made possible with easy-to-read formatting, make sure all of your Departments have adequate staffing around the clock.

Here’s how:

1.) Log in to Homebase at

2.) From the navigation bar, select the Schedule tab.

3.) Click here to read on how to create Departments/Roles within Homebase if you haven’t already.

4.) At the top-left of the Schedule page, select the drop-down box labeled (View) “By”.

5.) In the drop-down, select “Department”.

6.) Your Schedule will then be broken up by Department- You are now ready to create your Schedule!


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Q: How do I print my Department Schedule?

A: At the top-right of the Schedule page, select the printer icon.


Q: How can I view Department Schedule by Day/Week/Month?

A: At the top-left of the Schedule page next to (View) By, select Day/Week/Month.


Q: How can I copy my Department Schedule to a future week?

A: At the top right of the Schedule page, select “Copy” and choose a week to copy the Schedule to.