Company Level Timesheets

Within Homebase, you are able to unlock the multi-location Timesheet feature whenever upgraded to our Plus plan at each location. With this feature, you are able to stay on top of your businesses by tracking regular and overtime hours across locations for your employees. You can view pricing information here.

Getting started using Company Level Timesheets:

First, your employees can be added to multiple locations at your company on the Team page > click the employee name > Under the Location tab, toggle on the locations where the employee is assigned > Click Save.

Here is how to enable overtime tracking across multiple locations:

1.) Log in to Homebase at

2.) Select the Settings page on the navigation bar.

3.) Under the Overtime & Breaks subheading, enter in your preferred overtime rules. ** We even provide a link to check overtime rules for your state! **

4.) Select the check box next to “Enable Overtime Tracking Across Multiple Locations”.

5.) Make sure to Save Changes!



Viewing/navigating Company Level Timesheets:

From your Timesheets page on the navigation bar, choose the Company Level tab at the top purple bar. Here, you are able to view the hours accumulated by each employee across the multiple locations in which they are employed.