How to claim an Open Shift

Employees can use Homebase from the Web or iPhone/Android app in order to claim an Open Shift. Here’s how:

From the Web:

1.) Log in to Homebase at

2.) Select “Schedule” on the left-hand navigation bar.

3.) At the top of the new published Schedule, click the Open Shift you would like to claim.

4.) Click the green “Claim Shift” button.

5.) Your request will then be sent to your manager.



From the iPhone/Android mobile app:

1.) Download the Homebase app from your App Store/Google Play Store and sign in.

2.) Select the Schedule icon in the navigation bar.

3.) For iPhone, select the “Search” tab at the top of the Schedule page. For Android, select the “Open Shifts” tab at the top.

4.) Click the shift > Claim Shift.

5.) Your request will then be sent to your manager.






How you will be notified of the new Open Shift:

Edit your Alerts and Notification Settings here.

1.) A push notification about the newly published Schedule appears on your lock screen.


2.) An app push notification appears whenever in the app allowing you to click to “View” the Open Shift.


3.) Depending on your Settings preferences, a text and email will be sent alerting you of the new Schedule along with details of the newly Open Shift.