Changing POS connection

Homebase works with a number of Point of Sale (POS) partners to ensure merchants and employees can quickly reduce time spent on scheduling and timesheet management while providing location-specific sales and labor comparisons.


However, Homebase can be used no matter what POS you are using.


If you decide to switch from a POS partner that is already connected to your Homebase account you can do so when signed into your Homebase account online at Select the Settings page on the navigation bar, then select the Point-of-Sale Systems option on the left.


You will be prompted to enter your partner specific login information and then your account will be reconnected and any employees who do not have an account in Hombase that you have added to your new POS employee database will automatically be added to your Homebase account.


Avoiding Duplicates


If you do not want to duplicate your employees we advise either connecting your new device immediately before you have added additional employees or making sure they have an associated email, phone, and full name as Homebase will not add an employee who already has an account set up with us.

We check if the employee is already present on the account based on specific criteria in the following order:

Partner ID (if only moving devices), Payroll ID, Email, Phone, PIN, First and Last Name


Other Questions:


Q: What happens to the employees already on my account?

A: Nothing, they simply move to your new account.

Q: What happens to the timeclock and scheduling information already on my account?

A: Nothing, it moves to your new account with your entire history.

Q: What happens to the sales information from my account?

A: This will now populate with your new sales information but Homebase does not store any historical information from our partners.