How to change profile photo

Here is how any user can change their profile photo on Homebase:


1.) Sign in to your Homebase account at

2.) Select your name at the top right of any page.

3.) In the drop-down, select My Settings.

4.) At the top left, select “Change Photo“.

5.) Select a photo option from the Finder view.

6.) Save Changes.


Mobile apps for iPhone/Android:

1.) Download the Homebase app from your App Store/Google Play Store and sign-in.

2.) Select the Menu icon at the top-left (three horizontal lines).

3.) Under the photo bubble at the top, select “Change Photo“.

4.) When given the option, select either Camera or Select from Library to take or choose a photo.

5.) Proceed with steps outlined- either take your photo in real-time and Save OR select photo from Camera Roll and Save.



Q: Can a manager change an employee’s profile photo?

A: No, only the individual user is able to change their own profile photo.