How to change payroll provider

On Homebase, we offer integration with various payroll providers including Quickbooks Online Plus, ADP Run, Paychex Preview, BoA, SurePayroll, Wells Fargo, Heartland, Square, Millennium Payroll, and Gusto.

Here is how to select your payroll provider in your Settings:

1.) Log in to Homebase with owner’s credentials at

2.) On the top navigation bar, select the Settings icon.

3.) In the left-hand navigation bar, select the Payroll Partners tab.

4.) On this page, select your payroll provider.

5.) Select Yes when asked if you’d like to change your provider.

6.) Depending on your payroll preference, you may be redirected to their sign in page to authorize the integration.

Now you are able to export your Timesheets directly to your payroll service provider. Click here for the article on how to export your Timesheets for payroll.

For merchants who do not integrate with a payroll partner but would like the ability to manually input sales, select the Excel/CSV option. Here is the article on how to manually input sales!