How to change your Homebase language preference

On Homebase, choose between English and Spanish quickly and easily by selecting your language preference. When your language preference is set, it will carry across every platform.


1.) Log in to Homebase at http:/

2.) In the upper right of the app click on your name then select ‘My Profile.’ You will see an option to select your preferred language as either Spanish, English, or UK or Irish English (which will change your date settings as well).


Timeclocks (iPad/Android):


(Spanish language selection on iPad is in lower right)


(Spanish language selection on Android / Clover is in upper right)


Mobile apps (iPhone/Android):

The language on your Homebase mobile application will be set to English or Spanish based on your phone’s device settings!

Instructions on how to set your language preference on any iOS device:

For instructions on how to set language preference on your Android phone, consult your specific device’s online manual: