How to calculate overtime for salaried employees

When subscribed to the Plus plan on Homebase, you are able to automatically track overtime for salaried employees below the $47,476 yearly threshold.

You can enable this feature within your Settings page > Overtime.


Overtime will then be tracked and displayed on the Timesheets page.

Here are the steps to add an annual salary:

(1) Sign in to Homebase:

(2) In the left navigation, click on TEAM.

(3) Click on employee name.

(4) For the DEFAULT WAGE RATE field, enter an annual salary.

(5) To the right of the annual salary, click on the drop-down arrow and select ANNUALLY.

(6) Click green SAVE CHANGES button.

Learn more about employees with annual salary on Homebase here.

Details of our tiered plans can be found here.

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