Automatically Round Clock-in/out Times

Homebase merchants on the Plus plan can automatically round the clock-in and clock-out times of their employees! By rounding employee timecards to the nearest 5 or 15-minute increment, cut-down on confusing Timesheets and stay aligned with your payroll provider!


How to turn this feature on:

1.) Log in to Homebase at

2.) Select the Settings tab in the navigation bar.

3.) On the left, select the “Time Clock” subcategory.

4.) Under the Time Clock Rounding subheading, select 5 or 15-minute option.

5.) Make sure to Save Changes!


How it works:

  • Homebase will record the actual time of the event which you can view with the Time Card Edit History feature (on Essentials plans) by specifying that clock out was done via a user named  ‘Rounding Rules’.
  • The rounding only applies to clock-in and outs, it does NOT round breaks.
  • Only applies to FUTURE time cards, it does not apply to previous time cards.
  • We round to the NEAREST 5 or 15-minute increment which means we may round down or up.
  • If a manager tries to edit a time card that is rounded, Homebase will reject the edit and keep it rounded to the nearest 5 or 15-minute slot
    • Example: Manager attempts to edit a timecard that has been rounded to 9:05am to 9:02am. Homebase will reject the edit.