Homebase merchants on the Plus plan can make Scheduling fast and easy even for lengthy employee lists. You can easily assign open shifts or apply saved Templates to your entire Schedule at the click of a button. Using a customizable formula, the Schedule is automatically applied to eligible employees based off of a points system taking into account Time-Off and Availability, max number of hours per week (set by employer), seniority, and their Roles specified on the Team page.

Creating employee Roles:

To begin, it’s best to first create the Roles you will use on your Homebase account. To do so, use the Schedule tab on the left side navigation bar, then select Departments/Roles at the top of the page.

Settings up Scheduling Rules:

To best utilize the auto-scheduling feature each employee should have their Scheduling Rules completed. You can access these rules by click on the Team page, then the employee’s name, and finally the Wages & Roles tab.


  1. Homebase automatically pre-populates employee roles based on the last 60 days of information and will auto-assign an employee as eligible for a role if they are assigned to it moving forward.
  2. Homebase sets each employees max hours at 30.
  3. Homebase does not set a seniority level.


Creating a Schedule Template:

While not required, we strongly recommend taking the time to save your open shifts as a blank template BEFORE utilizing the auto-assign feature. In case you are not happy with the auto-assignment this will allow you to quickly reset and adjust your schedule without losing any work.

You can create a template by clicking on the ‘Options‘ button in the upper right of the schedule builder and then selecting ‘Save Schedule to Template.’ It is important to note that the template will save ALL shifts on the schedule when you save so you should be using a blank schedule so that you do not save other assigned shifts with specific users.



Auto-Assigning Open Shifts:

Here are the steps to Auto-Assign Open Shifts to create your Schedule:

1.) Log in to Homebase at

2.) Click the Schedule icon on the navigation bar.

3.) Using the date-range selector in upper left corner of the Schedule page, navigate to the week you would like to build your Schedule.

4.) Add open shifts with specific Roles in order to apply a Schedule Template of Open Shifts, select the “Options” icon at the top-right and select “Add Shifts from Template“. To learn more about how to create/apply Schedule Templates, click here.

5.) Once the Open Shifts are present on the Schedule, select the “Auto-Assign Open Shifts” icon on the left of the Schedule.

6.) In the pop-up window, select your Auto-Scheduling Preferences. Read more about Auto-Scheduling Preferences below.

7.) Any shifts left on the Open Shifts row were unable to be assigned to an employee due to time-restraints or unavailability.

8.) Once your shifts are populated on your Schedule page, you are able to Publish at the top right.



Here is how to set Auto-Scheduling Preferences:

1.) Create your Open Shifts on your Schedule. This should involve applying a saved Schedule Template made up of Open Shifts.

2.) Select “Auto-Assign Open Shifts” on the top left of the Schedule page.

3.) In the pop-up window, you are given the option to Select Employees to Assign either individually or all employees. Check/uncheck the boxes as they apply.

4.) You are also given the option to select employee prioritization preferences. Check/uncheck the boxes as they apply.

Q: How are employees/shifts prioritized in the Auto-Scheduling process?

A: We use a points-based system to allow for unbiased and even Scheduling at the click of a button. First, Time-Off and Availability are taken into consideration. Second, maximum number of hours employees have shown preference to work, seniority, and their Roles specified on the Team page. Third, the least amount of hours an employee is already Scheduled for that week, the more eligible they are for a shift compared to their counterpart who has already been Scheduled more hours.