Auto Clock-Out

Homebase merchants on the Plus plan can automatically clock-out the members of their team. This feature is best for merchants concerned about employees forgetting to clock-out and those who have certain restrictions with their business that requires employees to be gone at a specific time (like those inside a mall).

How to turn on:

1.) Log in to Homebase at

2.) Select the Settings tab in the navigation bar.

3.) On the left, select the “Time Clock” subcategory.

4.) Scroll down to the ‘Auto Clock-Out of Shift‘ subheading.

5.) Check the box to enable and select 30, 60, 90, or 120-minute option.

6.) Make sure to Save Changes!


* Homebase will document the Auto Clock-Out event in the Timesheet Edit History feature (on Essentials plans) by specifying that clock out was via ‘Auto Clock-Out’.

* Warning: This feature does pose potential compliance risks for merchants and we advise merchants who may have employees working beyond their scheduled hours to be careful in implementing.