How do I assign a role for a shift?

When scheduling, you can easily assign the role your employees will work. This helps to give your employees better insight about their schedule, and opens up further sorting options for you!


  1. Log into your account at and click Schedule
  2. Select Add under the date and across from the employee
  3. From the drop down menu under Role, choose your preference:
    • Employee Specific Roles: These will consist of the roles you’ve assigned to this employee’s Team Profile and may also include different wage rates.
    • Team Roles: These will consist of the roles you’ve created for your team under Departments/Roles. If you assign a team role, the employee’s default wage rate will be applied.
    • Create New Role: This option will allow you to quickly add a new custom role. It will appear in your Departments/Roles section under Dept. Not Set.
    • No Role
  4. Select the green Add to Schedule button