Advanced Time-Off Manager

When enrolled in our Plus plan, take control of your employee’s time-off requests by utilizing our new and improved Advanced Time-Off Manager.

Gain access to the following features:

1.) Restrict time off requests after a certain number of days in advance.

Log in to Homebase > Settings > Time Off > Check box and enter number > Save.

2.) Black-out dates (disallow employees to request time-off for certain days such as staff meetings or holidays).


Log in to Homebase  > Schedule > Schedule Options > Select to Add Time-Off Limit and enter preferences> Save.


Similarly, you get all of the features included in the Essentials Time-Off Manager version such as:

1.) View history and look at future requests – Ability to see exactly who approved time-off, when it was requested, approved, and identify future requests.
2.) Individual view – View total accumulation by employee
3.) Set limits – Ability to set a maximum number of employees who can take any one-day off


(Read the Support Article for the Essentials version of the Time-Off Manager here.)


Details of our tiered plans can be found here. If you’d like, you can upgrade here.