Can I retrieve a terminated employee or do I need to make a new profile?


Here’s how to reactivate a terminated employee (good for them!):

1.) Sign in to Homebase at

2.) Click on Team on the left navigation bar.

3.) Check the box at the top-left to “Show Removed“. 

4.) You will see your terminated employees grayed out on your Team page >> Choose the employee name you want to reactivate.

5.) In the employee’s profile, select the “Terminations” tab.

6.) Next to the location that you would like to add them back to, select “Add Back

6.) Under the Locations & PINs tab, make sure that your employee is added to the Schedule/Turn on location alerts/Eligible for Open Shifts if applicable and double check their PIN number for the Timeclock.

7.) Voilà! Your employee is back in action ready to clock in/out, be added to the Schedule, etc..