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Time Clock by Homebase is now pre-installed on all Clover devices!

All new and existing merchants will have Time Clock by Homebase pre-installed.

  • No need to download the app
  • Merchants will sign terms & conditions directly on the app
  • Homebase is auto created for merchant once the app is launched

With these additional tools for free.

Team Communication

Send a message and be sure the team has read it with read receipts. Create announcements, email them and pin them to the dashboard to ensure everyone sees them. Check to see if employees are on time, even when you can't be there. Stay connected and in sync with your team.


Build a schedule in minutes with our online drag and drop schedule builder. Managers can adjust the schedule on the fly, on the go, and from just about anywhere. Employees can input preferred availability and time-off requests to make building the schedule a breeze.


Post to multiple top job boards at once with over 200+ pre-written job descriptions and customizable screening questions. Move applicants through the hiring process and communicate with them with ease. Create a dedicated career page to manage all the postings.

Resource packets for you and your merchants.

For you:

  • Installing Homebase on Clover
  • Discovery Questions
  • 10 Reasons Why
  • Pricing Sheet
  • Homebase vs Shifts

Download the packet here

For your merchants:

  • Homebase Overview
  • Pricing Sheet
  • Getting Started

Download the packet here

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Give your merchants an
all in one solution.

Homebase gives your merchants everything they need to manage their team with our All-In-One plan.

HR & compliance
All of Homebase's Tools & Features

Every tool and feature of Homebase, including our labor forecasting and schedule enforcement tools to help reduce labor costs.

Document Storage & Onboarding

Onboard new hires with a customizable onboarding packet. Get documents e-signed and keep them safely stored in Homebase.

HR Pro: Live Advisors & Resources

Get answers to your toughest HR questions. Talk live with certified HR experts and get a library of guides, training videos, and employee handbook builder.

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The Homebase
Elevator Pitch

Homebase is the #1 app on Clover. Homebase helps ensure that employees are clocking in/out according to schedule, taking their breaks, and arriving on time. Homebase can even prevent early clock-ins from happening- which is typically a $200 savings per month! The Homebase mobile app lets you stay in sync with your team and in control of labor costs with real-time time information. You can see the status of employee clock-ins whether on time or late, approve/deny shift requests, and communicate with your staff. Homebase allows managers/owners to run payroll with ease, create employee schedules with just a few clicks and manage time-off requests/preferred availability. You can also hire staff, onboard them, and get live expert HR help.

72 West

We use Homebase to schedule our employees, download our timesheets for record-keeping, and add new employees or adjust existing employee information. We love the system and that it works so great with Clover. Great System!"

Jill Mitchael - Owner and Clover Merchant