December 15, 2021

See and do more with your dashboard

With the new design, you’ll have insight into how your business is running and manage it directly from your dashboard. 

See a summary of what’s happening and what needs to be done – all in one place. 

  • View your team’s status and see who’s on their shift or who’s late 
  • Get an overview of today’s sales and labor costs compared to yesterday and the prior week
  • Know the time card edits and the availability, time off, and shift trade and cover requests you need to review 
  • See a list of this week’s events such as team birthdays, anniversaries, applicant interviews, and payroll deadlines

Quickly manage today’s schedule and team with preset actions from each shift.

  • Message an employee who’s clocked in, late to their shift, or has an upcoming shift
  • Find a cover for late employees
  • Add or edit clock ins, clock outs, and breaks

Note: we’re rolling out the new design, so it’ll be in your account soon if you don’t currently see it.